Urban's New Releases are Here!

Urban's New Releases are Here!

urban products new planter range


Urban Products is back for 2021 with new planters, new homewares and a new warehouse! Did we mention a new appreciation for the good times? (What a year 2020 was…)

The new collection is here along with the new warehouse which comes complete with a fancy new showroom! That’s right, you can now come and visit our location on-site in (insert location here) and see all the wonderful new stock with your very own eyes! Isn’t it always better to shop with a tactile experience? We think so too and we’re so excited to unveil the showroom to buyers on the 14th January this year! 

What better way to see our new collection and celebrate the new year ahead of us than with you physically in store?! Some of the new collections are ready to be unveiled as well and they are trendy, cute, quirky and reimagined, based off of last year’s best-sellers and the trends of the year ahead! Your favourites are back, in fresh new palettes, inclusive sizes and upgraded designs and we’re so excited to see what you will love!


New Woodstock patterns, colours and sizes, oh my! The classic Woodstock Planter range has been incredibly popular with the retro/vintage 70s vibe and the amazing range of shapes and sizes from hanging planters to the sought-after large planter to house all of your growing plant-babes!

Woodstock Let the Good Thoughts Grow: here’s a sneak peek of the 2021 fave in three sizes of the hand-painted ceramic planter (drainage hole included in all sizes so you can properly hydrate and care for the greenies) with an included vase option to fit the range and complete the look! Let the Good Thoughts Grow is a gorgeous palette of white, olive, baby pink, summer orange and mustard in the classic boho rainbow design and complete with a much-loved quote to motivate and inspire.

The new Woodstock range even extends to our eco-conscious favourites: The Bamboo Kitchenware! With a fresh new look for the lunch box container, bamboo salad bowl with salad servers and of course, the environmentally friendly eco mug, you and your store can go the whole mile and help the eco-warriors go plastic-free this new year and really look out for our planet with simple, small changes to everyday life.


Earthy colours reflect the eco-consciousness of the future and pair us closer together with the world around us! Reflect your love of our planet with sunny oranges, forest khakis and a crisp white piece for balance in the home (and to class it up!) We loooove these new ranges and the gorgeous palettes now available in our popular quirky planters and vases:

The modern, art-deco Aztec White Face Vases come in the three standard sizes of small, medium and large and looks incredible when paired with our earthy planters! These pieces make incredible giftware and their ability to act as palette-cleansers will really highlight their unique look this year (we think so, anyway.)

It’s nothing but sunny days ahead with our fresh Remy Sherbert range available in a small standing Planter design and two sizes of the accompanying Vase in medium and large. The speckled look with contrasting orange tones is a warm afternoon at golden hour and of course, your favourite flavour of old school sherbet lollies!

Perhaps the most unique, our gorgeous and modern Dayze Planters are available in colours: Sienna, Mustard, Blush and Sage and will have spoilt for choice this season! How gorgeous are the egg-shell splatters against the earthy tones! We love their cute little handles and in their multiples sizes, (including a tall sage vase to complete the look and add height) we are sure that the Dayze collection will not only have you and your clients/customers in a daze but will be sure to please even the pickiest of home decorators and indoor jungle parents!


If neutrals are more your thing, or you’re looking for planters to complement the earthy wonders of Dayze: meet Lydia, Tessa and Kiana! These beauties reflect the earthiness of the previously mentioned collection but with the flawless ability to mix and match with other pieces in our new ranges and highlight the colours that pop! These girls are also perfect for customers and plant-lovers that prefer only neutral, muted tones in their home without the pieces they’re after appearing boring or bland!

Lydia is a gorgeous two-tones brown available in multiples sizes of Planter and Vase in beige and mocha. With horizontal and vertical dashes and lines, this art-deco look is inspired by vintage homewares, modern interiors and Mother Earth.

Tessa is a fun accompaniment in orange and mocha shades of the standard two-sized matching Dot Planters with Saucers! She’s a bright, cheery girl with a down-to-earth nature and of course, she merchandises perfectly with all the neutral and earth-toned pieces!

Complete the set with Kiana, the sister in homewares who completes the gorgeous neutral collection with the Abstract natural wooden frame, natural wooden box and natural widen drawer, perfect for jewellery, knick-knacks or plant accessories! The neutral wood tones reflect the geometrical patterns of the planters and add a gorgeous, non-obtrusive addition to the collection to complete the gifting experience.


Don’t fret! The people have spoken and the People are back! Our super-cute Friends Holding a Pot planters of last season were so crazy popular that we just had to try out this redesign: meet the Friends Holding a Pot!

That’s right, these guys are now a two-for-one and can represent two besties huddling close or even partners (in love and soil) proud of their plant babes! A double succulent planter sits in their lap and both of the heads open out into a vase space, perfect for propagations, fake plants spilling out like hair or a freshly cut bunch of flowers. These guys will be available in mustard and rose and of course, look amazing when merchandised with our popular (for plant dads) Block Men! The Block Man planters come in grey and white tones and both have the option of sitting and standing so you can create that beautiful depth in your displays and in your home.


Lastly, we have the beautiful Raven collection to share with you, available in sizes of small, medium and large and interchangeable (the two larger sizes) with both plants and flowers! These babies do have drainage holes so make sure to keep the included plug so they can be used for fresh flowers as well as fake plants! This mini three-part collection is a simple white colour with an accent in mocha, reflecting the tones and styles of the relative collections and ranges, allowing you to buy up and merchandise well this new year!


Come and see us in our new warehouse, our new showroom or at one of the amazing gift homeware and lifestyle trade fairs around Australia and New Zealand and see our new ranges for yourself: 

Melbourne Showroom Launch: 14th January 2021

Sydney Reed Gift Fair: 20-23 February 2021

Auckland Gift Fair: 7-9th March 2021

Melbourne Gift & Lifestyle Fair: 20-22 March 2021

7 January 2021
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