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Planters instagram influencers are loving

Products Influencers are Loving

We wanted to share with you some of our favourite Instagram Influencers and show you how they style their favourite planters, so we compiled a list of our top 5! We all know a picture can tell a thousand words and we just think these guys and gals are such great storytellers! Got a super cute new plant pot but not sure where to put it? Wondering about the pros and cons of real plant vs fake plant? Need some home decor inspo? Our friends are here to share their styling tips, tricks, and techniques and we're loving it!

Bianca, aka White.Grey.All.Day is our easy first pick and one you should definitely follow if you're into neutral tones of baby pink, terracotta, and (duh) white and grey! 

We love Bianca's styling of our Pink Palm Planter because she not only brings out the gold accents from the palm leaves in her complimentary candle holders but the mirrors open up the room and reflect the gorgeousness of the planter, two-fold! Isn't that what you call bang for your buck?!

If your kitchen is a social hub in your house, you might want to put more thought into the aesthetics. Lots of natural light means your kitchen cabinets and benchtops (wherever you have space) are the perfect home for plants and flowers! The Nova Vase in Terracotta doesn't even need flowers to look like a feature, and we adore how Bianca has styled hers amongst her benchtop clutter! 

To give Bianca some hearts, make sure you go and follow her and always credit the photo you repost!

If you love the influencers that are all about their feminine decor and sharing their journey with honest motherhood: then you'll love Our.Candid.Moments aka Social Media Mum, Amber-Lee from Townsville! 

We love our Thank You for Helping Me Grow Planter when it's featured in kids' rooms because it's just sooo cute! Shop this planter in white or nude pink and style on the top of a chest of drawers or on a bedside table!

Amber has also shown how she ties it in with the Elemental Rainbow Planters in small and medium for a bedside drawer feature! We just love the neutral bedding complimenting the sandy tones of these Elemental planters and how she has styled these beauties as a cute little trio! We just had to share! 

Our Nova Planters have been a huge hit because their gorgeous earthy tones go so well, in so many places around your home! Just look at this stunning action shot by OnceWasLost_ who couldn't choose her favourite colour so instead has all four to home her beautiful plant babes! Available now, online in Terracotta, Mustard, Green and Pink!

Sarah is an amazing travel Instagrammer and lifestyle blogger, once living in London and sharing her adventures, she's now back to stay humble in Melbourne! Follow her if you're into urban landscapes, coffee shop decor, plant jungles, or all things cityscape! 

Sarah homes her plant-babes in a few of our trusty ceramic planters, but we loved this photo featuring the Nova family so much, we couldn't look past it! Look how amazing these babes look all styled together, with crawling and hanging plants? They're so versatile! 

Foliage_Fixation aka Jen from Perth is one to follow if you love a plant-filled feed! She appeals to those that love a consistent Instagram page and if you like a pink background... Jen's got you (and the plant babes) covered! 

She also loves the famous Nova Planter in Terracotta but prefers to style it alone or with her matching Nova Vase amongst her indoor garden! Jen loves to style her plants in all mismatched, quirky planters to give her space colour and individualism and we just love that she styles with tabletop books! To give your styling more depth: chunky books on plants, art, or anything you love, will prop up your plants, giving your shelves and mantles depth and character!

We are crazy about plants, and we love crazy plant-mums! This leafy boy is perfectly housed in our popular Crazy About Plants Planter which looks absolutely amazing as a leafy feature in your home! The last influencing queen we wanted to share with you all is Sydney girl Dalena, known as FussyFoliage on Instagram.

We just adore Dalena's greenified space and how she gives her followers frequent updates on her plant-babes, definitely give this girl a follow if you're on your own plant-parenting journey! We love how she styles her plants in little features around the home, like on his adorable rattan plant stand surrounding in leafy goodness!

Watch her replicate the book-as-stand trick to give her shelf styling more space to pop, whilst also balancing the neutral colours of her homewares! The Elemental Eye Planters in white sand are both available in small and medium sizes online and don't they look incredible with beachy, coastal accents?! Try pairing your matching planters together to give your styled corners more consideration and pair them with your favourite art pieces or trinket trays! 

20 October 2020
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