New Planter Range

New Planter Range

New Planter Range

We’ve launched a new, fresh range of gorgeous planters in classic neutrals and popping pastels, ready for you to feast your eyes on! They won’t be available until early November, but you better get your orders in now as these babies are so sought after, they are likely to sell out even before they arrive! Be part of the trend and fill your shelves with the pots, planters and homewares that get your customers super excited!


The new Corby Leaf Planter comes in the standard 13cm size and is available in colours: pink, blue, terracotta and terracotta & black, keeping your style classic and fresh. Alternatively, we have the Corby Aztec Planter in the two sizes of green and pink, for the lovers of the classic Aztec patterns which match earlier stock! We just love this new shade of green, don't you? Especially for your happy plant babies! 


Merchandise perfectly with the Ensley Planters in the standard and squat size choices in colours: dusty pink and seafoam blue! We love these little squatted planters to mix and match your styling! They are also amazing for little indoor herb gardens and succulents! How cute! 

We absolutely love our Lace Planters in 13cm available in Gatsby and Torian styles and perfectly unique and gorgeous! Merchandise and pair perfectly with the adorable, Valentines-inspired Love Sketch Planters in 13cm, available in light and dark pink and the perfect gift to a loved one! We all need some love this Holiday Season!

If you're a fan of character and people planters, then get excited, because these ones are for you! Our people planters in all shapes and sizes are always a super popular item (especially for plant children) so we are super happy to bring you the collection of Face Squat Planters in two standard sizes of pink and two sizes of terracotta. Along with the gorgeously cute Palm Girl and Palm Lady in blue or pink, won't they look so brilliant within the family? We think so.

Add a touch of sunshine to your space with the beautiful range of Sunshine Planters and Homewares! The Sunshine Pink range comes in the large planter, the medium planter, the small planter, the popular hanging planter, the quote mug, the planter with legs, and the gorgeous vase style. Shop The Sunshine Blue range now, for all of the above in the cooler tones! These are our favourite collection from within the full new collection, and this one is styled right here, in-house! How cool is that! Add some sunshine or sunset vibes to your store, home or workspace today and get in before they're all snatched up!

Add some tropical colours and summery fruits to brighten up any space this Spring / Summer with our Willa, Mae and Fruit ranges! The beautiful Willa Foliage range is a gorgeous style perfect for art-deco motifs and the lovers of feminine, organic landscapes! These merchandise perfectly with our popular Folia range and come in sizes: small, medium and large Planters as well as the Vase! 

The Mae Planter comes with the matching Saucer (perfect for watering and draining your beloved indoor plants for a healthy, vibrant garden) in two sizes of yellow and two sizes of orange, keeping your tones neutral, warm and fun- all at once! These babies go perfectly with our more vibrant designs as they cleanse the palette and add in some Summery, bright tones while still maintaining a simple, earthy energy.

How cute is our Fruit Planter 12cm range in styles: Strawberry, Watermelon, Peach and Pineapple! Fruity styles are so in this season, so compliment your Summery homewares with these planters and be one of the first on the Fruit themed bandwagon! Always good to have a friendly reminder in the home that you need your five a day,

We’ve added some fresh new colours to our popular Skyla range of Planters and Homewares! We know you guys love the hues of sunsets, sunrises and summer lovin' and so we've re-styled your ceramic favourites in two new tones! Blue and Yellow and Brown with Pink in the styles: Planter with Legs, Rainbow Planter, Stroke Vase, Rainbow Vase, Circle Planter and Landscape Planter, so you can now match your favourite styles with your favourite colours! Yay! 

The Addie Rainbow range is available in the lovely pastel sherbet tones, featuring a modern vintage touch through the stylish rainbow arches on our planters, vases and candleholders within the collection. Brighten up any space with three gorgeous colours to choose from, and all the styles of planter, vase and tealight holder that your homeware shelves have been dreaming of! These items are super popular for decorators and Kids' rooms too because they are so versatile and cute!

Our Cloud Planters are perfect for adding a sprinkle of daydreams to your day. With their sweet little faces, these planters would be perfect for a child’s room, office space or to add your own individual quirky style to the workspace! Both colours pink and white come in the hanging planter and standing planter, ready to make that special someone’s day a little dreamier.

Lastly, we made sure to have a selection of beautiful neutral tones because they are so many people’s ultimate! These ranges are perfect for someone who loves a classic look. They are the best choice if you have a plant friend that deserves the limelight: these babies will let them stand out! Understated but still chic and unique, shop the Cyrus Planter in medium and large or the Stefan Planter in small and medium for sandy, beachy vibes.

Shop the Freya Tribal Planter collection in small or medium sizes paired with the vase for a style that reflects the Indigenous Australian artwork it was inspired by! We think Freya might just be one of our standout favourites! Or, let your green kingdom shine in the subtle tones of orange, beige and terracotta in the Murphy Planter 14cm collection. This is the perfect planter to mix and match with all earthy tones throughout your space, mirroring the trendy style of its owner!

Check out the full range online now or contact your local sales representative or agent to buy now!

14 October 2020
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