Emma Stenhouse - Artist Series

Emma Stenhouse - Artist Series

We’re exited to announce our Artist Series featuring the beautiful work of accomplished Indigenous artist Emma Stenhouse.

Emma is predominantly inspired by nature, connection to country using elements of contemporary art and traditional symbolism.

We have worked with Emma to create a broad range of product featuring a selection of her works. From planters, vases, eco bamboo and kitchenware through to Christmas. 



First to ascend in every night sky she gently rises, the brightest star, the evening star. From a glimpse at the horizon to her peak in the darkness, she guides the way through the shadows. Higher than the tallest mountains, her glow lights the path ahead. She holds the spirits of those who have passed and together they lead us forward. We look to see her each night and feel the comfort of her as she watches over us. Know that she will greet you as the sun sets, she will see you through the longest nights. Her light reflects the light within us all.


In life there are often challenges, that rise up like mountains and block our way. Sometimes its wisest to choose the path that goes around the hurdle. Sometimes, we need to put our own worth first and prove we are wise enough to choose a path that suits us better. The end result is still the same… we get to where we need to be – even if it takes us a little longer. It’s our choice.

The Womans Way


On the soft Earth they sit around camp. The women; Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties. Each powerful and nurturing, they are the keepers and sharers of knowledge.

The mountains behind them with far away journeys to be had and many paths to take, they share their wisdom now, to guide and support each other.

Women know the secrets of the land - the foods she has, the water to cleanse and the places to rest.

A collective of depth and knowing. Women feel the way, they are the connection.


Rest low in the desert sand dunes, away from the red, hot wind. Its relentless and depletes yourstrength. Rest low, meeting in the middles and rise when the storm passes.

I am a proud Ngarrindjeri woman, with strong links to the Gunditjmara people of Warrnambool.
I would like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where this artwork was created, the Peek Whuurrong people of the Marr Nation, and pay my respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.
I recognise them and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land, which is important to all of the Marr Nation people living today.
I acknowledge the Elders of the Ngarrindjeri people who have given me support in my journey as I recognise who I am as a Ngarrindjeri woman and Artist.

14 February 2022
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